A sustainable Moto-Kit for all BMW R NineT Models comes completely ready to bolt-on. This DIY Moto-Kit allows you to change the while design of your bike immediately without being an expert bike builder.

Compatibility: BMW R NineT 2016-2019. Fits on all R NineT models which don’t have a ECU unit directly under the seat.

 This DIY Moto-Kit includes:
-       Subframe
-       Fuel tank with approx. 11-litre fuel capacity (you can use the stock fuel pump from your original gas tank)
-       2 x DNA filters
-       1 x DNA Enginebreather filter
-       2 x DNA air filter mesh
-       E-tray (please use an Antigravity 12-cell Lithium Ion Battery)
-       Leather Seat “Alcantara”
-       Snake Cargo Strap with the AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle
-       All hardware parts
-       Manual and video tutorial
-       All part are painted or powder coated – just bolt on

Not included are BMW R NineT carbon cover, exhaust, electronic components and fuel pump.

Kits start from $7900.00 

All parts are handmade in Germany – more information here

 Colour fuel tank: Raw, Black (powder coated)