1973 CB350 Four Brat Racer

The older a motorcycle gets, the more respect it is due when it comes to restoring or modifying. With this Honda CB350 that was in the forefront of my mind the entire time. While its easy to get lost in LED lights, techy digital controls and new technology, there's a true art in making something timeless.

This 1973 Honda CB350 was my best attempt yet at achieving this status, whether it was executed correctly is up to you. When designing the bike I tried to keep things simple + elegant but with enough show to grab someones attention and keep it.

Receiving a full aesthetic refurb with everything from a new tail hoop and handmade seat, to a complete new lighting system and colour scheme. working with neutral colours and bare metal finishes helped achieve an undoubtedly hot-rod look while utilising some ultra modern accessories to help keep the lines clean and the overall lay out super tight.

Featuring a few select performance upgrades including Carbs, pod filters, rear suspension and a new single cable throttle assembly. The CB350 also received some custom white Purpose Built Moto LED turn signals, a set of 3 button handlebar switches and a Torpedo muffler to complete the 4-1 exhaust system.