Purpose Built Moto Team



Our Story

My purpose throughout this endeavour has been delivering the build experience to those who otherwise may not have ever had the chance. Taking an inclusive approach with your custom motorcycle project and focusing on making you a part of the experience. Creating motorcycles that excite the rider, and anyone else that lays eyes on the machine. The Purpose Built Moto style is as diverse as it is unique, the last thing I ever want to create is a motorcycle that doesn't make you feel anything.

In parallel to this I also pour my energy into the manufacture of high quality, detail oriented and above all easy to install components for your motorcycle project. These will aid in giving you the opportunity to achieve the clean, show aesthetic for your garage built Cafe racer, Bobber or Scrambler.

Stemming from a farm shed in QLD, where old dirt bikes were my textbooks, I spent countless hours fixing, modifying and most importantly riding on the farm. While I started with Street bikes, Classic bikes soon peaked my interest and I purchased an old Suzuki. My Dad and I bonded over afternoon beers and grinder sparks as we cut up the old bike.

Working toward building something unique and character-filled I could call my own, I used my motorcycle as an escape when pressures of a busy lifestyle needed to disappear. Building bikes is the closest I've ever gotten to Art. A loud, fast and rideable canvas, there's nothing better than pouring your vision into something that will soon enough be burning down the road. It’s my creativity mechanized.